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MyZen™ We keep a bottle in the office. Our financial officer was having problems with spreadsheets and was becoming quite frustrated. She requested the spray and used it. It wasn’t 30 minutes later that she returned – calm and the data came together. She attributed her “zen” results to the spray.
MyAcceptance™ Someone very close to me passed. I pulled away from family and friends, and became reclusive for months. As an avid football fan, I couldn’t even bare to go to a game or watch football on TV for fear of someone loosing. I called Diana and asked her to formulate a spray to help me. I noticed a difference right away. I’ve resumed activities and added new ones, being more social. How soon can I get another bottle?
MyAbundance™ “After using the spray, I sold more custom jewelry in less time than ever before!”

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Activating our five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound) is important when creating a safe and secure environment. As indicated, one aspect of the energy of spaces is scent, and the study of aromatherapy seeks to define the energies of various essential oils.

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