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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Find Our Sprays at This Holiday Craft Bazaar 11/14/15

Gina's Gems & Jewels will be at St. John Neumann's Holiday Craft Bazaar on Saturday, November 14, from 9 - 2. She'll be featuring MyAbundance, MyProsperity, and MyRest so stop by and experience the sprays. By purchasing them from Gina, you'll save over $7/bottle in shipping and handling. These will make great stocking stuffers! Help [...]

Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts Launches evolveLove Energy Body Sprays

SUNBURY, OH, (October 21, 2015) These sprays are unlike anything anywhere, working with the human biofield and having Feng Shui influences. Testers include healthcare professionals, business owners, educators, engineers, executives, and professionals. A tester of MyAbundanceTM owns a retail store and reports it increased store traffic. A tester of MyAcceptanceTM was grieving and the spray [...]

MyRest Helps My Granddaughter Sleep

She couldn't settle down let alone go to sleep ... “My granddaughter stays with me when her Momma works — which is often. She doesn’t want to settle down for the night, and when she does settle in … she couldn’t sleep. This spray worked wonders.”

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MyRelease Helps Me Manage My Addiction

I've been in treatment for some time, and really appreciate this all-natural spray ... “I don’t want my name used because of the perception the word addiction has, which I believe we all have an addiction (caffeine, chocolate, food, nail biting, co-dependence, parenting, shoes, technology; or the more severe alcohol or drugs). When I [...]

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MyProtection Changed the Offense/Defense Mode at Work

Meetings go much better now ... “I use this spray before meetings and find people are more collaborative. Before it seemed the environment was more offense/defense — people jockeying to get noticed and running over others, or people not stepping/speaking up. Meetings go much better now.”

MyProsperity Brought Support and a New Outlook

I dreaded my work environment. A new leaf has turned ... “I work in a competitive environment. There is pressure on me to produce revenue which means work more, charge more, and spend less time with patients — get them in, get them out. Problem is that’s not how I work — I give [...]

MyForgiveness Helps My Daughter with Bullying

My daughter experiences bullies at school and on line ... “My daughter experiences bullies at school and on line. Children can be so cruel. I don’t understand how they can post things anonymously, but they can say the most hateful things. This spray helps my daughter process her angst in a productive way. Of [...]

MyAbundance Increased Sales in Less Time

We attend several farm markets, craft shows, and events -- this spray works! MyAbundance™ “After using the spray, I sold more custom jewelry in less time than ever before!”

MyAcceptance Helped Me with Loss

Someone very dear passed and this spray really helped me ... MyAcceptance™ Someone very close to me passed. I pulled away from family and friends, and became reclusive for months. As an avid football fan, I couldn’t even bare to go to a game or watch football on TV for fear of someone loosing. [...]

We Use MyZen at the Office

We keep a bottle at the office. Our financial officer was having spreadsheet problems and requested the spray. It worked! MyZen™ We keep a bottle at the office. Our financial officer was having problems with spreadsheets and was becoming quite frustrated. She requested the spray and used it. It wasn’t 30 minutes later that [...]

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