SUNBURY, OH, (October 21, 2015) These sprays are unlike anything anywhere, working with the human biofield and having Feng Shui influences. Testers include healthcare professionals, business owners, educators, engineers, executives, and professionals.

A tester of MyAbundanceTM owns a retail store and reports it increased store traffic.

A tester of MyAcceptanceTM was grieving and the spray helped her recover.

A tester of MyFocusTM said it restored him.

A tester for MyForgivenessTM is a child that is being bullied is this helps her confidence.

A tester of MyLoveTM shared that in using the spray, she’s loving herself more so has more to offer.

A tester of MyProsperityTM informs us he turned over a new leaf (attitude at work).

A tester for MyProtectionTM declares meetings go much better now.

A tester for MyReleaseTM informs us it helps with her addiction.

A tester for MyRestTM reports better sleep.

Testers for MyZenTM say they love the effects.

These all-natural and programmed sprays are a helpful tool for those who seek integrative and alternative health approaches.

For more information regarding Diana Garber or the sprays, visit evolveLove.

Intuitive Concepts was founded in 1998. Diana Garber, President, is the 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity; 1st Feng Shui Master to formerly be a Vice President for a Fortune 100 Company; 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed by a Major U.S. University; and 1st Feng Shui Master to Speak at a Medical Convention. Projects 1st of their kind include International LEED & Feng Shui Auto Dealership; U.S. Feng Shui’d Medical Clinics; U.S. Feng-Shui Constructed Office Building; U.S. Feng Shui’d Non-profit Headquarters; and Texas and Ohio Feng Shui’d