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MyAcceptance Helped Me with Loss

Someone very dear passed and this spray really helped me ... MyAcceptance™ Someone very close to me passed. I pulled away from family and friends, and became reclusive for months. As an avid football fan, I couldn’t even bare to go to a game or watch football on TV for fear of someone loosing. [...]

We Use MyZen at the Office

We keep a bottle at the office. Our financial officer was having spreadsheet problems and requested the spray. It worked! MyZen™ We keep a bottle at the office. Our financial officer was having problems with spreadsheets and was becoming quite frustrated. She requested the spray and used it. It wasn’t 30 minutes later that [...]

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I Love MyZen Spray

My life is a whirlwind and stress can be overwhelming .... I've known Diana Garber for over ten years and know her to be a consummate professional in all ways. Therefore, when she asked if I'd like to test the evolveLove product called, MyZen, I said yes. To fully understand my opinion of this [...]

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evolveLove body sprays are now available at beYoga Columbus

We are proud to announce that evolveLove body sprays are now available at beYoga Columbus

Dave and I are Elated to Launch this line of Energetic Body Sprays

Dave and I are elated to launch this line of energetic body sprays. This process has been two years in the making, although our experience with essential oils precedes that. The key here is not only the programming of the water, establishing specific intentions for use, but also the proprietary blend of essential oils. As [...]

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