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Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts Launches evolveLove Energy Body Sprays

SUNBURY, OH, (October 21, 2015) These sprays are unlike anything anywhere, working with the human biofield and having Feng Shui influences. Testers include healthcare professionals, business owners, educators, engineers, executives, and professionals. A tester of MyAbundanceTM owns a retail store and reports it increased store traffic. A tester of MyAcceptanceTM was grieving and the spray [...]

MyRelease Helps Me Manage My Addiction

I've been in treatment for some time, and really appreciate this all-natural spray ... “I don’t want my name used because of the perception the word addiction has, which I believe we all have an addiction (caffeine, chocolate, food, nail biting, co-dependence, parenting, shoes, technology; or the more severe alcohol or drugs). When I [...]

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