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evolveLove Body Sprays Now Available At Twistyle Salon & Day Spa

You can now find our products at Twistyle Salon & Day Spa, located at 1332 Bethel Road Columbus, OH 43220. Stop by today or give them a call at (614) 459-2625 for more information on evolveLove's Energetic Body Sprays. Link - http://www.twistyle.com/

Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts Launches evolveLove Energy Body Sprays

SUNBURY, OH, (October 21, 2015) These sprays are unlike anything anywhere, working with the human biofield and having Feng Shui influences. Testers include healthcare professionals, business owners, educators, engineers, executives, and professionals. A tester of MyAbundanceTM owns a retail store and reports it increased store traffic. A tester of MyAcceptanceTM was grieving and the spray [...]

Dave and I are Elated to Launch this line of Energetic Body Sprays

Dave and I are elated to launch this line of energetic body sprays. This process has been two years in the making, although our experience with essential oils precedes that. The key here is not only the programming of the water, establishing specific intentions for use, but also the proprietary blend of essential oils. As [...]

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