During Diana’s tenure as a risk-management consultant, she was responsible for determining likely perils of buildings and properties. She realized how similar this was to authentic Feng Shui. In so doing (assessing these factors), it also highlighted potential opportunities (her M & M approach – minimize risks and maximize opportunities). Traditional Feng Shui proved to be the most reliable and accurate tool for making those decisions.

Dave was seeking similar answers for his work in commercial interior design with an architectural firm specializing in hospitals.

They have a shared interest in what defines a healing environment and agree it relates to energy of the space. Their mutual interest in quality of space brought them together and they collaborate on a multitude of projects. The launch of these sprays at this time is intentional with all that is going on in the world.

As an example, questions keep surfacing about a “Feng Shui kit.” Authentic Feng Shui diagnoses the energy of a space which leads to a customized action plan – so a generic “kit” isn’t practical. This line of sprays is a solution. While they are not intended as a remedy for one’s living/working space, they do influence one’s immediate environment. The sprays are sized for travel convenience, and small enough to keep on your person for use anytime (see note below), anywhere.

As was mentioned in Dave’s bio, he was an associate of the inventor of Zero Energy Balancing (ZEB).  ZEB is a technology that utilizes plasma energy to work with the human biofield in order to tune it. The human biofield is made up of a broad range of vibrations. It is possible for these vibrations to become discordant (in effect out of tune). ZEB technology focuses, resonates, and emits specific plasma energies that are conductive to the health of the human plasma biofield and the human body. For our sprays, this technology has been used to explore and formulate essential oil combinations to help achieve the vibrational levels to effect the goals expressed in the mantras for evolveLove sprays.

Activating our five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound) is important when creating a safe and secure environment. As indicated, one aspect of the energy of spaces is scent, and the study of aromatherapy seeks to define the energies of various essential oils. Combinations of these oils can influence the energy field around a person. It is possible to create a positive and enriching micro-environment around a person using these oils, and with the influence of ZEB technology – this creates an exceptional foundation for evolveLove personal sprays. Each one is calibrated to achieve a specific effect when used with its mantra. Each mantra is specific for each spray.

The sprays should be used individually to achieve the desired effect. It is important to choose the intention; in other words, when going to work one might want to use MyFocus™; when going to a meeting use MyProtection™; when returning home use MyLove™; and when retiring for the evening use MyRest™. Using multiple sprays at the same time may disrupt the effect of each spray, thus reducing results.

We would like to thank our team of testers (including business owners, healthcare practitioners, educators, engineers, executives, and other professionals). Their feedback was invaluable. We welcome your feedback!

evolveLove sprays make great gifts! Who do you know that can benefit from abundance, acceptance, focus, forgiveness, love, prosperity, protection, release, rest, or zen in their life? Help to transform their environment and enrich their lives!

Note: We mentioned “anytime” above. Feedback from our testers helped us to clarify the intention of a spray and timing of use. In other words, use active sprays (i.e., MyAbundance™, MyFocus™) when you’ll be awake and pursuing the mantra. Use less vigorous sprays (i.e., MyRest™, MyZen™) when you want a more relaxed environment.

Hear what others think About Us:

MyZen™ We keep a bottle in the office. Our financial officer was having problems with spreadsheets and was becoming quite frustrated. She requested the spray and used it. It wasn’t 30 minutes later that she returned – calm and the data came together. She attributed her “zen” results to the spray.
MyAbundance™ “After using the spray, I sold more custom jewelry in less time than ever before!”
MyAcceptance™ Someone very close to me passed. I pulled away from family and friends, and became reclusive for months. As an avid football fan, I couldn’t even bare to go to a game or watch football on TV for fear of someone loosing. I called Diana and asked her to formulate a spray to help me. I noticed a difference right away. I’ve resumed activities and added new ones, being more social. How soon can I get another bottle?
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