Are you feeling off balance? Many of us are. The good news is: 1) it’s partly due to the energy of the year (so it’s temporary); and 2) here is something that will help — introducing MyFocus™!

2016 is a “two” year from a Feng Shui perspective. That means when we are not balanced, we can experience health and wellness issues (to include digestion, OB/GYN, immune, bowels) and relationship issues. Witness the Zika virus affecting pregnant women, their fetus, and immune systems.

Also, from a Chinese astrology perspective it is the year of the fire Monkey. The monkey’s natural element is metal but we’re in the year’s fire cycle. Fire melts the monkey’s metal element which creates imbalance, and challenges our ability to focus.

Do More of What Matters …

  • Help me focus on better communication
  • Help me have laser-like concentration
  • Help me experience more harmony
  • Help me with my personal-growth goals
  • Help me stay focused on problem solving
  • Help me achieve prosperity
  • Help me regenerate after a tough situation
  • Help me start and complete projects
  • Help me focus on key strategies
  • Help me stay focused on success
  • Help me work well with others and promote teamwork
  • Help me feel and sustain vitality
  • Help me increase my focus on wellness

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